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Historical facts

Since 1993 British holding company "GLENYORK SYSTEMS» has been specializing in investments in the sphere of civil engineering and innovative industrial projects connected with usage of emerging technologies in alternative energy sources and high-end plastic recycling as well as informative program complexes.

Headquarter in Norwich, northern part of London coordinates the development of all the member enterprises of holding company including marketing programs and controls fund flow and fund raising.

SPIRAL HOSES PLANT “ЕXIMPLAST” is one of the most successful departments of British holding company. Main plant capacity has been transferred to Eastern Europe as one of the most investment-attractive region with huge perspectives of market developmentand potential market capacity, which lets us feel optimistic about the future. Subcontracting production capacities of Great Britain, Israel, the USA and Taiwan are also partially used.

The main plant is located in Ukraine, in the perfect spot 100 km to the south from Kyiv, on the infall of transport corridors to the Black Sea, the Baltic Sea and routes from Asia region, close to customs borders of European Union: Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia are at arm’s length or night auto drive.


Search environment and conditions. We find high-end solution for any of you rengineering problems with transportation of liquids, gases and bulk solids.

High quality is our rule. SPIRAL HOSES PLANT “ЕXIMPLAST” is the only Ukrainian producer of armored flexible PVC and PUR hoses which introduced international management system according to ISO 9001: 2008 standards.

We aim at being among leaders of technological advancement and our produce will work under any conditions or environment.

We have fair trading in quality and commercial terms with world’s best producers via providing such advantages as less transport expenses, high speed of response, operative solution of customer’s task, price insurance in national currencies.

Honesty, innovations and technical perfection, customer orientation and mutual respect are the main values which have become a driving force of our enterprise today.


About the plant

Our enterprise was founded in 2003 and it has great experience in producing spiral bicomponent hoses from PUR and PVC of different hardness. Our industrial engineers have mastered more than 20 typesofhoses some of which are the newest and unique achievements in this sphere.

We are relatively young company but 13 years of presence in the market of armored flexible hoses give us the possibility of fast respond to customers’ demands and create high-quality produce.

We successfully compete with the main European producers of polymeric industrial hoses in the markets of Eastern Europe and our goal is to expand directions of export to the western part of Europe, Middle East and Central Asia countries.

Our registered trademarks CF2 ™ і EXIMPLAST ™ are the synonyms of consistently high quality and latest technological innovations.

More than 3000 m2 of production assets, several production lines, experienced specialists, motivated development plans up to 2020 let us feel optimistica bout the future of forming producer of hoses and flexible pipe sin Ukraine and Eastern Europe and reliable economically efficient exporter for other EU members.


Technological solutions

Spiral bicomponent hoses, our main products are manufactured by double extrusion using several materials of different plasticity - solid spiral made of PVC or steel wire, softer membrane of PVC, PUR or other elastic polymers.

Hard spiral provides a hose with rigid pipe properties - that is, tensile strength and resistance to any kind of deformation and sufficient hardness of the product. Softer plastic wall gives the produce necessary flexibility and elasticity. Our achievements in CF2 technology allowed achieving maximum adhesion of two plastic materials which is the basis of the mechanical strength of armored spiral flexible hoses.

We never use secondary materials for our produce; hence we guarantee stability of parameters to match standardized values.

On customers’ requests we provide our product with special properties like freeze proof (to -35 ° C), super elasticity or antiseptic/antistatic properties or just unusual color. Special additives to materials are introduced at the stage of polymerizing raw materials, not during extrusion of products. We never do it at the last stage of production as it is crucial for the stability of characteristics.

We follow up with the latest scientific and technological progress and constantly expand the usability of our products. Polymeric armored spiral bicomponent hoses of CF2 technology are the latest innovative products in the industrial transportation of liquids, gases and bulk solids.

Our production team develops an average of 2-3 new kinds of spiral hoses annually. Developing new products on an industrial scale, SPIRAL HOSES PLANT “EXIMPLAST”always offers the consumer the best and most efficient options of our hoses usage and therefore expands technical capabilities of your equipment or technology.

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