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All types of hoses, which EXIMPLAST™ produces, can be used in the construction for its intended purpose of CF2™ hoses. They can be used for transportation of liquid and bulk materials, for pumping industrial water solutions, etc. cable channels, distributing electric networks. A variety of applications in the construction industry, as an accessory, and the elements of construction of communication structures is obvious. More than 20 kinds of spiral PVC and polyurethane hoses CF2™, taking into consideration their diversity, allows to solve any problems on the construction site - from pumping fluids and construction mixes and ending with a complete set of electrical systems. All the latest construction technologies make it possible to use hoses and tubes by plant EXIMPLAST™ and make the most efficient plan for construction process. We produce flexible reinforced hoses with more than 25 different diameters from 16 mm. to 200 mm, with a minimum wall thickness -. 0.4 mm to 7.5 mm. Special heavy PVC hoses such as CF2™ SOIL or SOIL ELASTIC or lighter, but also reliable CF2™ FLORA, CF2™ FLORA ELASTIC, or super wear-resistant polyurethane hoses will pump concrete or mixed solutions over any distance, hose CF2™ ELECTRO is used for highly reliable laying of electrical wiring and forming cable channels of high liability, AQUA hose can be applied for sanitary connecting of any complexity, as well as for equipment with compressed air. The choice is huge and you will always find the hose that you are looking for.
Brand: CF2 EXIMPLAST Model: 004 CF2
Usage: Light vacuum hose for suction of air, smoke, gases or wood dust in industrial and living environment in woodwork machines and other lathes for suction of air, smoke, gases, wood dust with low content of abrasive particles. Aspiration and extraction of smoke and dust in indoor spaces. Equipmen..
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Model: 017 CF2
Usage: Special hose with increased elasticity and usage in indoors with low temperatures, for work outside in winter in woodwork and other lathes for suction of air, smoke, gases, woodshredding, woodchips, in ventilation and conditioning systems. Aspiration and extraction of dust indoors. Equipment ..
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Model: 003 CF2
Usage: High-endurance vacuum hose for air, fume, gas, dust exhaust in industria land living conditions, special air hose under conditions of heavy power load in woodwork and other lathes for aspiration of air or gas mixture with big quantity of abrasive particles. They are often used in spacing seed..
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Model: RUBER
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Model: 006 CF2
Usage:  for irrigation, draining and transfer of water and other liquids, as well as for cleaning agents and detergents, mineral fertilizers. It may be used in household, agriculture, machine building and different industrial machinery. It is the most efficient and universal hose for transporta..
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Model: 018 CF2
Usage Freeze proof hose for irrigation, drainage, transferring of water and other liquids, as well as detergents and cleaning agents, mineral fertilizers. It is used in household, agriculture, machine building and industry. It is the most efficient and universal hose for transportation of any liquid..
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Model: 019 CF2
Usage: heavy freeze proof hose for transferring of water, fertilizers, dense household, agricultural and industrial wastes. IT may be used in irrigation systems, sanitation of cesspits and cesspools, for drainage and transferring of dirty water. Properties: Hose is made of superplastic bicomponent e..
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Model: 008 CF2
Usage: hose for drainage and transferring of drinking quality water as well as foodstuff or their components like mineral water, juices, wines, distillated products, milk, vinegar, vegetable fats and oils, drinks of low alcohol content no more than 26% etc. It is used in medicine and pharmacy servic..
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Model: 022 CF2
022 CF2 AIRSPAL PU шланг армированный спиральный (полиуретан-металл) легкий эластичный износостойкий воздуховодИспользование: Износостойкий полиуретановый шланг для воздуха, дыма, газов, опилок, стружки в деревообрабатывающих и других станках при наличии абразивных частиц, порошков, пудры,..
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Model: 001 CF2
Usage: special hose for swimming pools special hose for swimming pools, in the systems of water supply for hydro massage baths (Jacuzzi, whirlpool systems and all the other SPA tubs), in industrial and household massage distributions, attachments of filters and water treater units and alike. The hos..
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