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Abrasive environments

Abrasive environments
Spiral PVC and polyurethane CF2™ hoses Flora, Arion, Soil, Soil Supra, Airway Supra, Airway PU, Airway Supra PU, Airspal Supra PU produced by EXIMPLAST™ is resistant to weathering and abrasive environments and are suitable for transportation of both liquid and dry abrasive materials such as cement and metal chips, sand, etc., edible bulk materials, grains air feed, pellets, granulated plastics. The abrasive composites require transportation via hoses with increased durability in order to the application of plastic flexible tubes is economically justified. This can be achieved either by increased wall thickness for standard PVC pressure-suction CF2™ hoses (these hoses have a Supra console) or the second way of achieving efficiency - is the usage of hoses with the polymer wall made of polyurethane. In the classification of plant EXIMPLAST™ they are determined by PU prefix.

Flexible CF2™ hoses are also available with PVC spiral or metal spiral. In addition, keep in mind that prices for Polyurethane hoses are much higher than similar options with PVC wall, and abrasion resistance of polyurethane is not always in a direct proportion, which strongly depends on the type of hose. Sometimes it is enough to take our analogue of the product line PVC hose, but with a thicker wall or other configuration, such as Arion or Soil.

Always consult with the managers of the Plant EXIMPLAST™, they will help you calculate the best option. Just specify what type of abrasive you have to move with the help of our special CF2™ hose, it will help you make the right choice. You can also choose the type of used spiral, in many cases it will be sufficient to use a polyurethane hose with PVC spiral Airway PU, Airway Supra PU type.

Brand: CF2 EXIMPLAST Model: 004 CF2
Usage: Light vacuum hose for suction of air, smoke, gases or wood dust in industrial and living environment in woodwork machines and other lathes for suction of air, smoke, gases, wood dust with low content of abrasive particles. Aspiration and extraction of smoke and dust in indoor spaces. Equipmen..
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Model: 017 CF2
Usage: Special hose with increased elasticity and usage in indoors with low temperatures, for work outside in winter in woodwork and other lathes for suction of air, smoke, gases, woodshredding, woodchips, in ventilation and conditioning systems. Aspiration and extraction of dust indoors. Equipment ..
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Model: 003 CF2
Usage: High-endurance vacuum hose for air, fume, gas, dust exhaust in industria land living conditions, special air hose under conditions of heavy power load in woodwork and other lathes for aspiration of air or gas mixture with big quantity of abrasive particles. They are often used in spacing seed..
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Model: 006 CF2
Usage:  for irrigation, draining and transfer of water and other liquids, as well as for cleaning agents and detergents, mineral fertilizers. It may be used in household, agriculture, machine building and different industrial machinery. It is the most efficient and universal hose for transporta..
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Model: 022 CF2
022 CF2 AIRSPAL PU шланг армированный спиральный (полиуретан-металл) легкий эластичный износостойкий воздуховодИспользование: Износостойкий полиуретановый шланг для воздуха, дыма, газов, опилок, стружки в деревообрабатывающих и других станках при наличии абразивных частиц, порошков, пудры,..
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Model: 023 CF2
023 CF2 AIRSPAL SUPRA PU шланг армированный спиральный (полиуретан-металл) среднетяжелое износостойкий воздуховодИспользование: среднетяжелой износостойкий шланг для отсоса воздуха, дыма, газов, опилок, стружки в деревообрабатывающих и других станках при наличии абразивных частиц, порошков, пудры, п..
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