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Flexible PVC hoses by EXIMPLAST™ armored with reinforcing Asoil SEM, Flora, Flora SEM, Soil, Soil SEM spiral, are ideal for pumping cesspools and pumping thick liquid waste. CF2™ are suitable for hoses and fecal sewage truck pumps, convenient to use, are resistant to low (to 35 ° C) and high temperature (upper limit 60 ° C, short-term heating to 70 ° C.
is the only Ukrainian producer of heavy hoses, as well as any spiral hoses with more than 100 mm in diameter. In the manufacturing of hoses with SEM index raw materials with the introduction of particular additive are used that imparts such hoses with two specific features: first, it is superelastic (bend radius of the hose is reduced for 30-50%) and the second – it is frost-resistance. Operating properties of CF2™ hose are stored at sufficiently low temperatures to -35 ° C, under these temperature range below zero, the hose is not broken, and quite easily adapts to low temperatures. Superelastic properties of frost-resistant hose allow working with it easily, mounting on machines and equipment in the winter and outdoors.

Special CF2 ™ Asoil hose for sewage pipe cleaner replaced expensive Spanish, Italian and German similar hoses / sleeves, which allowed a lot of savings for our entrepreneurs. We developed new tooling and produce CF2™ Asoil SEM and Flora SEM hoses with diameters in two variants - 100 mm in the metric system and 102 mm (4 inches) in English measure in order to ensure all the customers' requests. Also heavy pressure-suction spiral hoses by EXIMPLAST™ are in high demand with diameters of 50, 80 and 90 mm as well as 120 and 127 mm.
Model: RUBER
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Model: 006 CF2
Usage:  for irrigation, draining and transfer of water and other liquids, as well as for cleaning agents and detergents, mineral fertilizers. It may be used in household, agriculture, machine building and different industrial machinery. It is the most efficient and universal hose for transporta..
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Model: 018 CF2
Usage Freeze proof hose for irrigation, drainage, transferring of water and other liquids, as well as detergents and cleaning agents, mineral fertilizers. It is used in household, agriculture, machine building and industry. It is the most efficient and universal hose for transportation of any liquid..
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Model: 019 CF2
Usage: heavy freeze proof hose for transferring of water, fertilizers, dense household, agricultural and industrial wastes. IT may be used in irrigation systems, sanitation of cesspits and cesspools, for drainage and transferring of dirty water. Properties: Hose is made of superplastic bicomponent e..
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Model: 008 CF2
Usage: hose for drainage and transferring of drinking quality water as well as foodstuff or their components like mineral water, juices, wines, distillated products, milk, vinegar, vegetable fats and oils, drinks of low alcohol content no more than 26% etc. It is used in medicine and pharmacy servic..
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Usage: for irrigation, drainage, pumping of water and other liquids, as well as mineral fertilizers. It is used in agriculture, mechanical engineering and industry, especially in the open, under the direct action of ultraviolet radiation. The most effective and universal hose for transportation of a..
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