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16 Jun Polyurethane sleeves for elevators 300-350mm
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Для перекачки зерна, відводу пилу і лушпиння зерна в зерносховищах , при перевантаженні з елеваторів та зерновозів. Поліуретанові шланги з металевою спіраллю діаметрами 250, 300, 350 мм з різною товщиною стінки : AIRSPAL PU - 0,4 mm, AIRSPAL MIDDLE PU  - 0,6 mm, AIRSPAL SUPRA PU - 0,9 mmдо 24 м. під замовлення, стандартні бухти 10,12 і 15 м..
21 Mar We start production before sowing!
14 Nov American PVC hose SANITATION AFH 4US
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PVC Hose according to the American technology Sanitation US AFH4. Our size is similar to 2, 3 and 4 inches - 51, 76 and 102 mm. Very soft raw materials of a wall, the big step of the strengthened spiral, a special monolithic configuration will provide exceptional operation flexibility at high parameters of stability and reliability. Wall 5.1 mm. Wo..
07 Feb All black hose ARION SSE Black 40 for sprayers
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CF2 Arion SSE 40 black is simply a flexible and reliable Ukrainian hose for German sprayers and more. Soft black raw material with a Shore index of 50-55 minimizes the bending radius and gives exceptional flexibility even with a large wall thickness. The reliable spiral provides durability at bending. Export, but we will try for the Ukrainian custo..
07 Feb Best Ukrainian all-round hose FLORA SE 50
cf2viktor 0 520
Pressure-suction PVC hose FLORA SE 50. Universal use - pumping of any liquid, including food. Working pressure up to 5 bar. Perfect flexibility. Ease of movement and manipulation due to optimal weight. Ability to observe the moving fluid through a transparent wall. Economical price for quality goods. UV resistant analogue - ULTRA UV 50. Diameters f..
10 Jan Reinforced ARION SE Agro Black
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General characteristics of the ARION SE Agro Black hose with increased mechanical properties and abrasion resistance. Special black raw materials for the spiral and transparent allow to improve resistance of a hose to external force influences and resistance to small periodic blows.The most common diameter is 30 mm. with a wall of 3,5 mm. Increased..
10 Jan All agricultural hoses - sowing 2021
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The EXIMPLAST spiral hose plant welcomes the new sowing spring of 2021 with a honed range of PVC hoses for fields and sowing equipment:Airway SE is a light, economically attractive PVC hose for unpretentious domestic equipment that can withstand at least one sowing. Amarin UV - UV resistant analogue (at least twiced) hose translucent greenFlora SE ..
09 Jan New ARION UF Agro Green for sowing complexes
cf2viktor 0 314
A UV-resistant PVC hose with a large wall thickness and a calibrated outer diameter for Amazone and John Deere seed drills has been tested in the fields of Belarus and Kazakhstan. Special internal diameters - 26 mm.Typical diameters 30 3.5 = 37 or 63: 5 = 73Flexible, durable, abrasion resistant and reasonably priced when you compare to the "origina..
09 Jan For seeder UV resistant light hose CF2 Amarin
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Lightweight and cost-effective PVC hose of a new line from the factory. UV stable, color fastness index 8. Six-month control of the spring-summer test did not reveal mechanical changes in the samples under direct sunlight.Available diameters - 20, 25, 30, 32, 35, 38, 40, 43, 45, 50, 60, 63, 65, 70, 75
29 Sep TPU hose AIRSPAL 63/80 for woodworking industry
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Two new diameters of polyurethane hoses  with a wall thickness of 0.4, 0.6 and 0.9 were sent to mass production.  Respectively AIRSPAL, AIRSPAL MIDDLE, AIRSPAL SUPRA.  Diameters 63 and 80 mm.  The plans are 50, 75 and 90 mm.  The equipment is made according to new improved drawings.  6 positions have been added to the model range from 102 to 350 mm..
29 Sep Heavy thick-walled SOIL for liquid fertilizers
cf2viktor 0 541
Heavy thick-walled (5 mm) Pressure-absorbing frost-resistant and chemically-resistant PVC hose SOIL SEM 75, working pressure 5 bar, vacuum 9 m.H2O. And at the same time flexible enough. For pumping liquid fertilizers, the best option for KAS...
29 Sep Hose with memory RUBER BK 75
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The latest technologies in the production of polymer hoses.  A special material with a rubber additive to provide elasticity at low temperatures and the memory effect of the material.  Temperatures down to -45C.  The spiral is also low temperature, which leads to maximum adhesion...
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