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Fire-extinguishing equipment

Hoses EXIMPLAST™ are used in fire suppression systems, as well as in special equipment for the fire bailing (pumping) of water, indoor feeding of fire blends, suction hoses for supplying water to the tank of fire engines - and pressure –suction hoses like CF2 ™ FIRE, FLORA SEM.

Replace outdated state-standard rubber-fabric fire suction hoses with polymeric spiral hoses which are widely used all over the world! CF2™ suction hoses have better consumer properties and are produced in Ukraine and have a wide range of diameters. FIRE, FLORA SEM 50, 75, 100 and 127 mm. are ordered prevalently and are compatible with standard fire appliances and equipment.

EXIMPLAST ™ plant produces special flexible reinforced hoses for distributing fire mixtures of different diameters, made in white or red colors.

We give all the necessary certificates. Materials used for manufacturing of this product is not flammable or self-extinguishing, that is important in this area.

You can use CF2 ™ hoses, created by the most modern technology.

Brand: CF2 EXIMPLAST Model: 018 CF2
Usage Freeze proof hose for irrigation, drainage, transferring of water and other liquids, as well as detergents and cleaning agents, mineral fertilizers. It is used in household, agriculture, machine building and industry. It is the most efficient and universal hose for transportation of any liquid..
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