The EXIMPLAST spiral hose plant welcomes the new sowing spring of 2021 with a honed range of PVC hoses for fields and sowing equipment:

Airway SE is a light, economically attractive PVC hose for unpretentious domestic equipment that can withstand at least one sowing. Amarin UV - UV resistant analogue (at least twiced) hose translucent green

Flora SE is medium in weight and price the most versatile pressure-suction hose for precision seed drills of both imported and domestic production. The ideal ratio of the price and endurance, rather big working pressure (3-5 bar, vacuum characteristics of 6-9 units) allows to use also in pressure head devices - pumps, the pump for pumping of water or liquid fertilizers. ULTRA UV - UV resistant analogue for working outdoors under direct sunlight.

ARION SE - thick-walled PVC hose with a smooth outer surface, can be calibrated on the outer diameter for fittings or fittings, which is relevant for the complete set of sowing systems such as AMAZONE, John Deere or HORSCH and others. Has universal use in the equipment of the food and processing industry.

ARION UV Agro Green is a special UV-resistant hose for precision seeders for work in difficult field conditions of long-term use south of the temperate climate zone.

ARION SE Agro Black is a thick-walled hose with enhanced mechanical properties and increased anti-abrasive properties due to a special black spiral.